Anston Singh


Doing Business as a Digital Influencer

Anston Singh is a visionary creative director and the founder of ALMOSTGUILTY Inc., a company renowned for its innovative approach to design and photography. Based in Toronto, Canada, Anston has established himself as a prominent figure in the global fashion and design industry.

His journey began with graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2014 with a passion for capturing the essence of moments through photography and design. Leading him to the prestigious stages of Fashion Week in London, Paris, and New York. Anston‘s unique style and a keen eye for detail have set trends and captured the attention of high-profile personalities and brands. His collaborations with industry giants such as Drake, Winnie Harlow, and ASAP Rocky have solidified his reputation as a photographer and stylist who brings a unique perspective and creative edge to every project.

Under Anston‘s leadership, ALMOSTGUILTY Inc. has grown into a multifaceted enterprise, encompassing a Photography and Design Studio specializing in creating luxurious fragrances, candles, and self-care items. Every brand product shows his commitment to using premium ingredients and delivering a superior sensory experience.

Anston‘s work transcends traditional boundaries, blending artistry with a deep understanding of consumer desires. Beyond his professional achievements, Anston is known for his commitment to inclusivity and community impact. His flagship product, ‘Internal Affairs,’ showcases his creative expertise and dedication to making luxury wellness accessible and representative of diverse communities.

Anston Singh is more than just a founder; he continuously pushes the boundaries of creativity and excellence. His journey is a testament to the power of vision, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.