Imbali Blooming (they/them)

Jazz singer & Spoken Word Poet

Spoken Word

Imbali Blooming (they/(them)


Imbali, a bud formed in Johannesburg, SA.

Over 30 years in the making, behold a lotus!

Passionately invigorates the Spirit,

With the most remarkable impressions without limit.

Spreading a deeply felt joy,

Be you woman, non-binary, or boy!

Hugh Masekela lives in their musicality,

Motioning howls and sentimental clarity.

Imbali boasts most about their vocal agility,

Expressing spoken word and jazzy versatility.

Transcending time and place,

A glimpse into the Motherland, that is the space.

“Say yes to life”, they beckon us –

So the sweetness of it we can recognize!